POPULAR LIGHTS and EFFECTS Add any of CROWDS FAVORITE lighting fixture and effects below to transform your event into a lively atmosphere and feel.

Thick Beam Green Laser
Thick Green Laser
LED Moving Head.www.grandpearl.ph
LED Moving Head
Moving Head.www.grandpearl.ph
Moving Head Profile II
Vertical Fog Machine
Vertical Smoke Machine
LED Follow Spot.www.grandpearl.ph
Follow Spot Light
Haze Machine-www.grandpearl.ph
Haze Machine
NOTE: Packages are made for budget set-up. Corporate/Professional/Company Event organizer are requested to ask for a customized quotations. We need event details to develop technical specifications fit to your event, please scroll down this page or click here

Rent out Black Lights, Effects and Party Lights Package or ask for a Customized Quotation
Wish to rent out specific light or few lights only for group dance/performances/group competition? Call now!

RATE(Qty.) Lights / Effects
P 1,200.xx
P 2,000.xx
P 3,000.xx
P 4,000.xx
BLACK LIGHT FL40 48inch./4feet UV Tube Lights

(1 unit only)
(3 units only)
(5 units only)
(8 units)
(24 units)
All necessary accessories, patch cables & wires

P 3,000.xx
Fit for Private Function/ Wedding/ Debut/
40-200 Guests
[ 08 units ] LED PAR RGBW Lights
[ 04 " ] LED Washer Backdrop Lights
All necessary accessories, patch cables & wires

P 3,000.xx
Fit for Retro Theme/ Ballroom Dancing/
40-200 Guests

[ 02 units ] MB12 MIRROR BALL
[ 02 " ] LED Flood Lights
[ 04 " ] LED Par 54x3w Lights
All necessary accessories, patch cables & wires

P 3,000.xx
Fit for Small Parties/ Private Function/
Wedding/ Debut/ 40-200 Guests
[ 04 " ] LED Par 3w Lights
[ 04 " ] LED Flood Backdrop Lights
All necessary accessories, patch cables & wires

P 3,000.xx
Fit for Party Time/ Private Function/ Debut/
Wedding/ 40-200 Guests
[ 01 unit ] Bubble or Smoke Machine
[ 01 unit ] Dual Lasers
[ 02 units ] Moving Head LM70
[ 02 " ] LED Wall Washer Lights
All necessary accessories, patch cables & wires

P 6,000.xx
Bright Lights on Stage/ Private Function/
Wedding/ Debut/ 40-200 Guests
[ 04 units ] LED Moving Head LM70 Lights
[ 06 " ] LED Washer 198 Backdrop Lights
[ 04 " ] LED Par 54x3w RGBW Lights
[ 04 " ] LED Flood Lights
All necessary accessories, patch cables & wires


Corporate Event; Fashion Show/Pageant; Professional Event; :

Email us details, and we can provide you with an accurate price based on specifications needed.

* The dimensions and construction of the venue
[estimate size will be accepted, please indicate if
indoor or outdoor, hotel, theater, auditorium,
function hall, clubhouse etc].

* Expected total number of people attending
the event [capacity of the venue].

* The type of sound you require/nature of event
[corporate party,group dance/performances, acoustic,
program, dance party, liveband].

Grandpearl will develop technical specs designed for you before we can come out with figures. Give us all the details of your event and we can provide you with an accurate price based on technical specs needed or click here to fill-up form.

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Delivery & Set-up within Metro Manila [except some areas]

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